Self presentation, Stage Presence, Power of Persuasion, Improvisation, Quick-Wittedness

Walter “Kosilo” Kosar

Technical Manager
Dieter Hauptmann

Graduates of our workshops confirm,
that they are now able to face unfamiliar situations with a calm and relaxed mind, which allows them to deeply draw upon their own spontaneity and authenticity. They became curious again about the unpredictability of life (“Director Chance ) and the daily challenges. In today”s economy, effective communication and social competence are quickly gaining recognition in addition to analytic and solution-oriented thinking. These skills require spontaneity, the ability to react quickly to new situations, creativity and humor. The innovative recipe to realizing these goals consists of improvised theatre play, i.e. to play out concerns, fears, hopes and love of life. Play with your whole body, with your voice, eyes, language, breath, with tragic and comic roles, bring out the joy of experimenting and improvising, laugh about creative failure till you drop! Everything is good, mistakes are welcome, and there is no pressure that could hold back your own true expressivity. And suddenly it is here: the melting away of the creative block. You feel the power, the look, the breath, and the confidence to have the right response to whatever life throws at you.

Target group
Managers, employees, consultants, freelancers, executives, consultants and people working with people.

We work with the tools of mime theatre, improvisational theatre, forum theatre, and playback theatre as well as with different relaxation, warm-up, voice, breathing and presentation techniques. The methods of theatre are also directly applicable to training and consulting scenarios. You will be introduced to various exercises and techniques of theatre that you can immediately integrate into your work. These methods are not only beneficial to your clients but also to you. Your talent to improvise, your creativity and your intuition will be awakened playfully, your stage fright will be converted to the joy of being on stage, and the demons sucking away your energy will be exorcised. Your will be able to reinvent your training sessions to be so much more effective.

Team building, solution-directed use of non-verbal and verbal communication, authenticity, and convincing and sovereign presence. Confident, free and clear speech through correct breathing, voice and speech technique. Liveliness, adaptivity, quick-wittedness. Joyful handling of stage fright, emotions and failure.

Comfortable clothing, thick socks and one warm blanket.

1 to 3 days

will be calculated after the first meetíng.

Feedback / References
London Business School, OMV, Exact software
“I have never felt so happy since 30 years” Arnaud G., London
“Very good, surprising, than discovered the logic and goal of the exercices”
“Thank you for helping me, to speak out loud and proud again! ” John G., Vienna
“I can feel myself again! Helen S., Vienna